• Customers perceive your business as a modern brand committed to a digital future
  • They make your products/services more accessible to a mobile-savvy user base
  • They increase customer engagement and support, enabling you to stay connected with your target








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  • Native Apps – iOS, Android (Traditional and Instant), Windows Phone with interfaces to Camera, Gyro, Microphone, Accelerometer, GPS, and associated functionalities such as Geo-tagging, Location-based Services, QR Codes
  • Hybrid Apps – Progressive, responsive using Cordova™, PhoneGap™, Ionic™
  • Cross-platform Apps – Xamarin™, Flutter™, React Native
  • Wearables Apps – Apple Watch, Wear OS (Android Wear), Google Glass, Microsoft HoloLens
  • User Interfaces – Touch, voice (SiriKit™, Google Assistant™)
  • Mobile Databases – SQLite, Couchbase®, Realm DB, Berkley DB®
  • App Analytics – Using Google Analytics, Apple Analytics, Amazon Pinpoint™
  • Campaign Management – Using Amazon Pinpoint and AWS Mobile Hub™
  • Push Notifications – Using AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  • Advanced charting integration – Using native charts and 3rd party libraries such as Kendo UI®
  • Publishing apps – On Apple App Store, Google Play™ and Amazon Appstore™
  • Digital Payments
    • In-app purchasing and advertising
    • Integration with payment and card APIs such as Stripe™, PayPal™, Visa® and Mastercard®
    • Integration with third-party mobile and e-wallet platforms such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay®, Android Pay, Paytm™, for P2P and Invisible Payments
    • Frictionless payments through NFC coupled with Host Card Emulation (HCE), QR Code, Bluetooth and iBeacon
  • Device Interface
    • Front panel device interfaces as mobile apps
    • Connection to devices over W-iFi®, Bluetooth® (Classic and BLE), and USB
  • Cloud
    • Cloud-based hybrid apps
    • Integration with AWS®, Microsoft Azure®, Google Cloud™ and private cloud deployments
    • Connection to cloud for storage such as Box™, Dropbox™, OneDrive®, Google Drive™, video and data streaming targets
    • Integration with third-party services such as weather, stock market, traffic etc,
    • Integration with SaaS offerings such as Field Service, Salesforce
    • Cloud as a task executor in a complex workflow process
  • Social
    • Sign on with social media Identity
    • Sharing updates with social media
    • Integration with social media feeds
    • API integration with Facebook™, LinkedIn®, Twitter®, YouTube™, Instagram™, etc.
  • Testing
    • Functional and specialized app testing using tools such as Appium (native), Selenium (hybrid)
    • Device compatibility, performance, latency, interoperability, usability, security, compliance, network & service provider testing
    • Cloud-based testing of apps in device farms from AWS, etc.
    • App test automation using Appium®, AWS Device Farm