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Respect People

  • We will endeavor to treat others as we wish to be treated, in all types of organizational, cultural and business situations
  • We will be sensitive to cultural differences and beliefs, and encourage and embrace different opinions
  • We will be transparent in our words and deeds, and conform to the highest levels of integrity
  • We will provide a workplace that is free from prejudice and honor every one's desire to grow

Create Value

  • We will endeavor to create value in all our plans and actions
  • We will be responsive to our stakeholders' needs and act with conviction and urgency
  • We commit ourselves to the best products and practices in the industry through innovation, advancing technologies and applying those technologies and practices to create solutions that address and exceed all expectations
  • We will offer challenging and rewarding careers letting people grow according to their desires and abilities, be competitively compensated and share in the success of the organization
  • We will be a profitable, growing organization

Embrace Excellence

  • We will ensure that all our products, services and practices exceed internal and external benchmarks of excellence
  • We will work hard, and we will work smart. Just getting the job done will not be enough
  • We will instill a commitment and passion for excellence across our organization in all our operations
  • We will endeavor to continually improve and redefine our standards of excellence

Take Initiative

  • We will have a bias for action and respect intelligent risk-taking
  • We will encourage and honor action, in things, big and small, and discourage and eliminate inaction
  • We will create an atmosphere that nurtures, recognizes and rewards individual and group initiatives
  • We will endeavor to provide a positive environment where creativity abounds, and people share ideas freely without fear of embarrassment or suspicion

Build Partnerships

  • We will build successful and lasting relationships within and outside the organization
  • We will work in highly collaborative teams, where we will support one another
  • We will support projects and programs that will better the way of life for fellow mankind
  • Our partnerships will be successful through continual sharing of knowledge, ideas and wealth


Quality Policy Statement

Information Security Policy Statement